Spinal Injuries Compensation Amounts in Ontario

A spinal injury changes your life and can bring many challenges. If you’ve recently suffered a spinal injury, you may already be coping with a loss of mobility and independence, pain, emotional stress, or loss of income. You might also be struggling to deal with unforeseen medical and additional care expenses.

In Ontario, you may be entitled to compensation through insurance or by filing a lawsuit against a responsible party. With proper management, financial compensation can help you rebuild your life and ensure you a comfortable quality of life in the future.

The spinal injuries compensation amount awarded in Ontario will depend on a number of factors such as the severity of your injury and loss of future income. Navigating through this system can be remarkably complex. It is therefore important that you meet as soon as possible with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Hiring a good personal injury law firm can help ensure that you receive the settlement and support you need.
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Spinal injuries compensation amounts in Ontario vary from case to case and will be dependent on a number of different factors. If you have recently suffered a spinal injury, you will want to make an insurance claim and, depending on how the injury occurred, you may also want to launch a lawsuit against any responsible parties.

Navigating Through the Complicated Process

If you or a family member has suffered a spinal injury, it’s important to contact a personal injury law firm as soon as possible. A personal injury lawyer can help your family navigate through the complicated process and will pursue every avenue to help ensure that adequate compensation is received. A spinal injury can range from slight to completely debilitating, but these injuries always bring a number of challenges ranging from physical and emotional pain to inability to carry out typical household chores.

Eligible for Compensation?

If you have suffered a permanent and serious injury as a result of a car accident, you may be eligible for compensation for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. This is called "General Damages” and currently, the Ontario Supreme Court has capped this amount at approximately $325,000. You may also claim benefits to cover medical and rehabilitative care not covered under OHIP, attendant care, housekeeping and home maintenance and income loss. Also, family members may be able to sue for loss of care, comfort or companionship under certain circumstances.

It’s Important to Hire an Attorney As Soon As Possible

Because insurance companies have strict timelines, it’s important to hire an attorney as soon as possible after the injury occurs. Consult a reputable personal injury law firm today, and ensure that you get the help you need. Although it can never make up for the devastation of a spinal injury, financial compensation can help you rebuild your life and plan for the future.